Thursday, June 30, 2005

Hey, give that back Mr. President...

This whole story is too weird!

What do you do if you take out your Super Bowl ring to show it to some guy, and he puts it in his pocket and walks away???

OK, now, what do you do if "some guy" is a former KGB officer, and the President of the Russia?

(Admittedly, Kraft has three of the things, so I guess it's not impossible that it really was intended as a gift, but still, how odd is that?)


Apparently, Kraft has now publicly said the ring was, indeed, a gift. Kraft apparently admires the Russian people and the leadership of Putin. I understand admiring the Russsian people, but Putin's leadership??? I don't think a message like this from an American businessman will help those who are trying to get Putin to move Russia in a less autocratic, and more democratic direction. This would probably tend to make Putin think he is on the right track which, sadly, I don't think is true.

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