Friday, December 05, 2008

Forget politics!

O.J. Simpson is going to jail!!!

For 15 years!!!


That almost makes up for prorogation!

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Dump Dion?


Of course.


That video wasn't even the last straw. It was, like, the straw that comes three straws after the last straw (and I love Dion!).

However, who to install, Iggy or Rae? There's a lot of people it seems calling on the Liberals to dump Dion and install Iggy, but I wonder if they've considered one thing (and perhaps they have!):

Iggy="Bye bye Coalition"

It appears that Rae is fired up and ready to fight, and is about to go coast to coast campaigning hard for the coalition, and the notion that Harper MUST be removed at this point, asap, by the coalition.

From Iggy and his supporters I get a distinct "Maybe this coalition wasn't such a great idea and we should leverage what power we still have vs. the Tories, get what we can out of Prime Minister Harper... and then just move on" vibe.

Both are legitimate positions, but it seems to me they're also diametrically opposed.

So, sure, by all means dump Dion.


I don't see how that's remotely avoidable now unless you want to pull a Toronto Maple Leafs and suck for a season in order to totally rebuild in order to start a comeback in 2010. (and I say this as someone who loves Dion!).

However it seems to me that it's not just "Rae or Ignatieff" any more. It's "Rae and the Coalition and making every effort to take out Harper in January" or it's "Iggy and probably not the Coalition, and lets cool our jets and be sensible".

I don't know if this changes who'll win the game, but it does change the game, doesn't it?

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Monday, December 01, 2008

If you support a Progressive Coalition Government...

Consider joining the Facebook Group of Canadians for a Progressive Coalition.

Also, go to their website and sign their online petition.

It's change we can believe in (lol).

ETA: And add the Coalition Bloggers Button to your blog!!! (Thanks Erin, Scott and Kelly!!!).

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