Monday, July 24, 2006

Half think Harper too "pro-Israel"... NOT...

Here's an interesting poll. It's interesting not only because it says Canadians approve much more of Harper's stance than I would have thought, but also because the poll says almost the opposite of what the headline suggests it does.

When I read "Half think Harper too pro-Israel" I assumed that close to half of those polled felt that Harper's position in the latest crisis is too close to Israel. Or AT LEAST that a plurality thinks so.

Here's what the poll found in reality.

Harper's position is:

"decidedly too pro-Israel and is not appropriate" - 44%

"fair and balanced and completely appropriate" - 45%

Now, so far, you could argue that the headline "half think Harper too pro-Israel" isn't so bad, since there's only a 1 point difference between the two options, and one would assume that the missing 11% are the classic "undecideds". So there's some spin there, but not too much. Right?


The problem is, the other 11% weren't undecided.

The other 11% responded that Harper's position "doesn't support Israel strongly enough".

So there are three camps in this poll. 44% think Harper's position tilts too far towards Israel. 45% think Harper's position is balanced. 11% think Harper isn't being pro-Israel enough.

So, while the headline makes it seem that half of Canadians want Harper to have a more "anti-Israel" stance, this ignores the 45% of Canadians who think his stance is fine (more than those who think it's too pro-Israel), and the 11% of Canadians who want us to support Israel MORE. So 56% of Canadians think Harper's stance is either fine, or should move more towards Israel's side, and yet "Half" of Canadians think Harper's stand is "too pro-Israel".

An interesting example of headlines and statistics clashing.

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BlueBerry Pick'n said...

When is the LAST TIME a Canadian PM implied that being against Israeli foreign policy was against Jews?

But Harper plays on that, doesn't he? Canadians are stubborn about being NOT an American, but we certainly do let the Gringos dominate our politics & social issues...

Canadians are willing to be obstinate, but we can't get over the horror we feel when we realize we were racists, too, & contributed to Jewish deaths in Europe during WWII.

Nope, there are very few people who can say, "hum, that's just not nice. Hey, they planned that invasion! or even, "Hey, this is a long, complicated issue & we have no business in there."

HOW ABOUT, "Who is profitting by setting cousin tribes against each other & radicalizing Asia".

nope, none of that.

We're happy to listen to Harper tell us Canada is a energy SuperPower! or "we support Israel!!"

doncha LOVE a corporate media?

its like arguing Motherhood, isn't it? just like the little fascists in the GringoMotherland...
So when THAT ResourceWar ~~ WATER, not OiI ~~ is done & we have a full CorporateOccupation as they do in Iraq & want for Iran & Syria... will everybody be happy? can we stop killing people fast & start killing them slowly?

its all so SICK.

BlueBerry Pick'n
can be found @
"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"

Lord Kitchener's Own said...


I'm not sure what any of that had to do with what I posted but thanks for the comments!

MIO said...

Up until today, there were only three countries (US, UK, Canada) supporting Israelis in killing of innocent women, children and civilians of Lebanon. After today's news of even UK backing off this apparent human tragedy and war crime, Canada is now the only country left. Yes ladies and gentleman, at this moment (July 30, 2006) we live in the only country in the whole globe that its head of state hasn't yet condemns Israel or at least asked for Israeli restrain (somthing that even Bush has done). sad, sad, SAD.