Thursday, April 05, 2007

Promise made, Promise altered...

Apparently, the Tory's "wait times guarantee" for essential medical procedures will now only cover one procedure per province, varying by province, and will be rolled out sometime starting in 2010.

Besides mentioning this in order to recommend to everyone that they hold off on getting sick until the Vancouver Olympics, I thought people would like to read Scott Feschuk's HILARIOUS (as always) take on the unequivocal promises of the Canada'sNew Government (TM) which he suspects will follow the "no new taxes on Income Trusts" promise, the "no clawbacks to equalization" promise, and the "wait times guarantee" promise in moving swiftly from unequivocal to HIGHLY equivocal.

Seems as though these days the Tories can't discuss one of their election "promises" without using the words "seemed like a good idea at the time!"

UPDATE: Here (H/T to Scott Tribe) is the link to the CTV report on Harper's "keeping 20% of a promise, 3 years from now counts as a 'promise kept' today" announcement.

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