Friday, May 11, 2007

Ducepppe making the move to the PQ...

Well, this will shake things up I'd bet (just how though I'm not sure anyone can say yet).

Very interesting times we live in.

Too bad we can't hold a snap election. I'm too afraid of a Tory majority, but I wouldn't mind a renewed Tory minority mandate if we could devestate the Bloc while we were at it.

Maybe that would go over so horribly in Quebec as a "kick 'em while they're down" move that it would backfire, but still, it'd be fun to decimate the Bloc's position in Ottawa.

Hopefully, this is the beginning of that regardless.

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1 comment:

Patrice de Montréal said...

Well he decided not to go. Anyway, he is not a threat anymore. The province of Quebec moves more and more to the right. In the meantime, the separatist movement, which its principal purpose is to create a socialist state, is less and less popular. Let's see what will happen.