Friday, April 25, 2008

The Conservatives were NOT "doing what everyone else does"...

People, really.

The in-and-out scandal is not that complicated.

What you CAN do: Transfer money from the national party to local candidiates so that the local candidates can spend that money on local advertising.

What you CAN'T do: Buy a national ad campaign, and then temporarily (and I mean for mere hours here in some cases) transfer money from the national party to the local candidates and RIGHT BACK AGAIN to make it SEEM as though the candidates had paid for local advertising within their local spending limits, when we all know what happened was that the national party exceeded the national spending limits and then tried (incompetently to boot) to cover their tracks.

It's not rocket science people.

Local candidates can't have been "buying local advertising" with the money when most of the candidates only knew that money was going to appear and then disappear from their accounts at the behest of the national party for Pete's sake. If you never saw and ad, never approved an ad, never got an invoice, and have never heard of the advertising company that produced the ad then you didn't buy the advertising!

It's totally transparent for God's sake!!!

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Mike said...

It's totally transparent for God's sake!!!

Well, glad they are being transparent about something. Now, if they could only be accountable...

Scott in Montreal said...

What isn't phony baloney about our Super Secret Harper Imitation Tories?

Oh, yeah