Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three medals in a hour...

Well, some of our Canadian athletes shut up those people acting as though Canada's time in Beijing would end up amounting to our worst Olympics since Rome.

In the span of an hour today, Canada won 3 medals at the Olympic games, one of each colour.

Congratulations to Tonya Verbeek for her bronze in the 55 kg women's wrestling event, and to Dave Calder and Scott Frandsenfor for their silver in the men's pair event in rowing.

And a HUGE congratulations to Hazelton B.C. native Carol Huynh on her GOLD MEDAL in the women's 48-kilogram wrestling event where she beat a very tough opponent in last year's silver medallist!

Great job one and all. Today ought to give some inspiration to the rest of the team!!!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Still it is time to demand the establishment of a National Institute of Sport.

Huynh's success was helped out by the initial efforts of Baumann's Reach for the Podium. Canada has a solid wrestling program, especially for women. But it is primarily based in Calgary and it is obvious that you need to reach a certain level of excellence in order to receive the funding.

It is obvious that some regions have more advantages in receiving government funding than others with regards to Olympic sports. Alberta and Quebec are in the lead, given the presence of centres of excellence in Calgary, Edmonton, and Montreal. Ontario lacks behind, more so now with the decline of high school sports.