Thursday, July 28, 2005

No "bulky jacket", and he didn't jump the turnstile...

Hat tips all around to Mike from Rational Reasons (who made me aware of this Guardian story), to The Green Knight, from whom Mike learned about the story and to wonderdog, where I first read the story.

I don't have time I'm afraid to give this story the coverage it deserves (I'm off to London this weekend... no really... I'm very excited).

Anyway, the main points seem to be that (apparently) Mr. de Menezes, who was shot and killed by police in London last week was NOT wearing a "bulky" jacket that might have been thought to be hiding a bomb (he was apparently wearing a jean jacket... not a crazy thing for a day that was apparently 16 degrees celcius) and he did NOT "jump the turnstile" in running from police... he simply used his pass. These are admittedly reports from the family, following a meeting with police officials, but family members claim to have seen the CCTV video of the day in question, so presumably they are giving an accurate description of what they saw.

Sadly, every new item I hear about this story gives me less and less faith that the police acted AT ALL responsibly.

We shall see.

Please read the above blogs for more cogent analysis of the latest news, and some interesting commentary.

London, here I come!

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Case Yorke said...

London, England, I'm assuming. If you are, remember to wear lots of in-seasons, skin-tight clothes.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Yes, London England!

I'm not at all worried about my trip, or ever considered changing my plans. Mostly because:

A) Screw the terrorists.


B) Whatever the likelihood there was that I would be mistakenly killed by police has, I must assume, now dropped exponentially.

I'm probably more likely to get hit by lightning while I'm there than to be harmed by anything related to the last weeks' events. (and if you think I'm worng about that, please don't try to disabuse me of that notion... ignorance is bliss!)

Case said...

But think about it... SKIN TIGHT.

jeff said...

Gretchen, Mike, and Wonderdog. There goes YOUR credibility.......

Mike said...

Hmm, read this and then this.

jeff, our credibility is indeed fully intact and vindicated once again. How's your's?