Monday, March 06, 2006

Interesting sports poll, pleasant surprise....

Sports Illustrated has a poll on their website asking professional athletes if they would welcome an openly gay teammate. Here are their results:

Would you welcome an openly gay teammate?

Yes 61.5%

No 34.8%
Don't Know 3.7%

Yes 59.6%

No 38.6%
Don't Know 1.8%

Yes 56.9%

No 39.6%
Don't Know 3.5%

Yes 79.9%

No 18.0%
Don't Know 2.1%

I was glad to see no major league had a response rate of less than 50% "Yes" (though clearly, one would wish these acceptance rates were higher in 2006). However, I was pretty impressed (and frankly, a little surprised) that the NHL acceptance level was almost 80%, and the highest of any league!

Not sure if any deep maning can be found here, but I thought it was quite interesting, and worth sharing!

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Anonymous said...

Possibly related to the fact that the NHL likely has the highest concentration of non-American (Canadian and European) players.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...


That was my thought too.

Interesting isn't it?