Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Poll: 70% of Canadians back mission in Afghanistan.

So, welcome to the world of the duelling polls. This one seems to have a more straight-forward question than the poll from last week, and as it better reflects my view of what Canadian opinion probably is (based, admitedly, on not much more than the fact that it is what MY opinion is), I choose to believe this poll, over the earlier Strategic Counsel poll, which is looking increasingly dubious.

I'm glad this poll came out, because we need to keep doing what we're doing in Afghanistan (if not doing MORE) to help the people of Afghanistan rebuild, and become secure. And if that means combat, that means combat, IMHO.

Afghanistan is NOT Iraq, and people should stop oversimplifying what is going on there in relation to what is going on in Baghdad. We went there for different, more legitimate, reasons than the Americans went to Iraq, and we need to stay until the job is done.

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Dave said...

Agreed. Good post and well said.

Andreus said...

Afghanistan isn't Iraq, it's true.

But Afghanistan is still Afghanistan. I'm uncomfortable with the fact that we're there as part of Operation Enduring Freedom [sic].

I'm also upset a bit about the fact that we've agreed to hand prisoners/detainees over to the Afghanis. They don't have the best no-torture record, and that means Canada could end up violating the Geneva convention.