Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crazy Canadian Copyright Bill stopped, for now....

Apparently, the Tories won't table their industry-loving / citizen-attacking Copyright Bill today after all. The fight's probably not nearly over (and it's still at least possible the bill will be tabled later in the week) but I don't think that's likely!

Hat tips all around to:

Canadian Cynic

TheVanity Press.

Also, keep informed about efforts to infringe on your rights to use content you've legally paid for. Cliff at Rusty Idols points out that the Recording Industry Association of America (or, "NAMBLA") is arguing that "it is illegal for someone to copy CDs they've paid for to their computers or mp3 players".

Also, a once-removed H/T to "Recording Industry vs. the People" from whom Cliff gets the RIAA story.

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