Monday, December 03, 2007

Well... what a SHOCKER!

News story #1: Quebec to stand up for Kyoto even if Ottawa won't.

News story #2: Tories turn to ex-PQ Premier for Bali talks.

Gee, there couldn't be a connection there, could there?

Quebec's legislature promises (unanimously no less) to stand up to the Tories at the Bali Conference, and suddenly the Tories announce they're sending an ex Parti Quebecois Premier to Bali as their mouthpiece!

I hope Pierre-Marc Johnson is up to the humiliation of being reminded, AGAIN AND AGAIN, that he does NOT represent the wishes of Quebecers at Bali, and that he's basically abandoned the province in favour of the feds by agreeing to speak for a position opposed by the vast majority of Quebecers, and all parties in the Quebec legislature.

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Walks With Coffee said...

The Quebec national assembly demonstrates full cross party support (in a vote no less) for Kyoto and somehow someone out of power trumps the full and official democratic support of Quebec for Kyoto... how undemocratic is this Mr. Harper?