Thursday, October 11, 2007

More on last night's debacle...

Here's another way to look at last nights Election and Referendum results.

42% of votes cast supported the Liberals -a pretty massive victory for Dalton McGuinty.

37% of votes cast supported MMP - a pretty massive defeat for electoral reform.


On a bright note, apparently (and to me, unsurprisingly) 67% of voters aged 18-34 voted for MMP in the Referendum. I just have that number second hand right now, but I'll link to something official when I find it (and adjust accordingly, of course, if it's inaccurate). If that's right (and I think it is, based on being in that age bracket myself and only knowing ONE person who voted for FPTP) I hope that this will mean electoral reform will not die, and that the future is with electoral reform.

Then again, perhaps after last night 67% of young voters decided the whole system is just too broken to be fixed, and that inertia and apathy can't be overcome, and so they'll join the almost 4 million voters who couldn't be bothered. Let's hope not!

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