Monday, October 01, 2007

Poll of John Tory's own riding....

Here's a fascinating poll of John Tory's riding of Don Valley West:

Conservative John Tory: 37%
Liberal Kathleen Wynne: 52%


That couldn't be why Tory is suddenly no longer so enthusiastic about holding a whipped vote on faith-based schools, could it!?!?!? I wonder, if "Leadership Matters" what does Tory think his 15 point deficit in DVW says about his leadership???

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Chet Scoville said...


Lord Kitchener's Own said...

I have to say, even with Tory's about face, I wonder if he can make up a 10 point deficit in 9 days.

A. Carlton Sallet said...

You both don't quite get it: John Tory has no interest in being Leader of the Opposition. If his party loses, which it almost certainly will, then he has no plans to stick around. Losing in a riding he could only win if his Party swept the Province is a very nice made-to-order seque to private life.

Tory will not be upset to lose. He's probably voting for Wynne at this point.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

That may very well be true Mr. Sallet.

It's too bad too. Tory's actually the kind of Tory I like. I might have even voted for him if he'd have seemed half-way competent in the election. A lot of people (conservatives) outside Ontario can't BELIEVE McGuinty's gonna win, but they don't realize how badly Tory has played his hand.

I hope he stays in public life if he loses, because he does seem legitimately hard-working and sincere. The citizenry is better off with people like him in public life.

I don't think he can come back now though. He's already been cast as the guy who blew his opportunity, and I think people generally like to vote for a winner (when they're generally satisfied with life) and I think most Ontarians in October 2007 are generally satisfied with life. McGunity isn't to be credited with that (well, maybe a little) but there's not much blame either. Sure, there's the Health tax, but people generally conclude that Health Care in Ontatio is no longer getting worse, which is an improvement (and people know Health Care is expensive, and many are willing to pay a bit more for it); and there's the coal plants, but people for whom that's a deal breaker are already committed NDP or Green voters anyway. People just aren't mad, and there's little sentiment to "kick the rascal's out". Do people love the rascals? Not in the least. They mostly don't even like them. But I don't think many people are mad enough to do anything about it, and the people who are really mad never voted Liberal anyway. It's a "don't rock the boat" election, and I think too many people now have the impression that Tory's boat was REALLY rocky!