Tuesday, October 09, 2007

John Tory: It's not my fault, it's everyone else who's wrong...

OK, so now John Tory is pretty openly whining that the people of Ontario don't know what they want, and that we're all about to vote against our own interests.

Tory's not only saying that politics in Ontario is horrible, and unfair, and dishonest (and mean! whahhh!) but that he's "not sure people really want to change it".

Where did this whiner come from, and what happened to the John Tory I used to respect? And by "used to" I mean, like, TWO WEEKS AGO!!!

Anyway, I really don't see how pointing out that things are supposedly TERRIBLE and yet people STILL don't want to vote for you is supposed to be a vote-getter. To me, it just comes off childish and petulant. Tory knows he's not going to get what he wants, and now he's stamping his feet about it, and yelling about how much he hates mommy and daddy, and how unfair everything is.

I say we pull the car over and kick him out.

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Raphael Alexander said...

I agree he should not have been so candid in his message, but it's a question many of us have been wondering. Just who are these Liberal voters, and how can I put a brick through their living room window?

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

See, and I'm always shocked that conservatives never ask "Just how horribly out of tune with the citizens of Ontario are we if they can live through years of Dalton McGunity government and STILL prefer that over us?" I really wish just once conservatives would think "Gee, maybe it's not them, maybe it's us!"

Conservatives seem to think voters are stupid (or malicious) for not wanting to support them in elections, and yet it never seems to occur to them that perhaps THEY'RE the ones who are out of touch, not the people. To me, the inability of John Tory and his party to convince the citizenry that they are a better alternative to the current government says much more about John Tory and the Tories than it does about the people.

However, if Tory perfers to blame the people, that's his right.

I think after today he's going to have to do it from outside of the legislature though.

Raphael Alexander said...

I don't think conservatives think voters are stupid. But the average person is uninformed. I personally read and studied every candidate in my riding. I read and studied MMP. I watched my candidates debate. I looked at the party policies. And then I made an informed vote today.

Most people, based on my friends, co-workers, father, etc... know a simple truth in their minds: Conservatives = Mike Harris = bad.

They don't know the candidates [I suspect they read the card with the strange names]. They don't know what the parties stand for. And they certainly don't know what MMP really means.

Tory will likely lose not because he failed to convince the voters, but because it's fairly difficult to oust an incumbent leader during economic prosperity. John Tory just needs some more face time as opposition leader, just as Dalton McGuinty did in his loss in 1999, and he needs more time to convince the public that the Liberals are not fit to govern.

I don't think the conservatives showed they are out of touch with the people. I think it was difficult to win the campaign based on a variety of factors, but the most underestimated factor would appear to be that Ontarians are not ready to heal from the damage Mike Harris inflicted.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Well, I agree that Tory needs more time, I'm just not sure he's going to get it.

I think he's going to lose his riding, and while maybe he'll stay on as leader, I'm not certain how long he can last. Will someone be willing to step aside for him in orer to give him more time, or will the knives come out? I have to say, to me this election is probably even more John Tory's loss than a PC loss, and I don't see a lot of people bending over backwards to save John Tory.

If he squeaks out a win in his riding, I'd bet he'll probably stick around. I'll be shocked if that happens though.