Monday, June 09, 2008

Hockey Night in Canada? It's Wednesday.

Well this is GREAT! I'll miss hearing the Hockey Night In Canada theme song on Saturday nights, but I think it's AWESOME that CTV (read: TSN) just bought the rights to the song. BRILLIANT. And, HILARIOUS.

TSN will apparently use it for its hockey broadcasts (pretty much every Wednesday night starting this season) and CTV will use it for its Olympic hockey coverage too.

This is just too funny.

Update: TSN (of course) has more.

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Mé said...

I can't wait for CTV Sportsnet to use the song during a friendly match between India and Pakistan. Oops, that's field hockey--or cricket. They're the same game to me. They're played with funny looking sticks.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Just fyi, it's actually ROGERS Sportsnet, whereas CTV owns TSN. It gets confusing with all the corporate connections though doesn't it!

Rogers owns the Skydome, the BlueJays and Sportsnet (among other things) whereas CTV is in the same corporate family as the Globe and Mail, Bell, and TSN.