Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When Johnathan Kay wants Khadr freed...

... just how much of a right wing nut do you have to be to disagree?

Today's headline of note from the National Post: Free Omar Khadr.

And what crazy left-wing moon-bat suggests this?

Johnathan freaking Kay.

Nicely written Mr. Kay.

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Scott Tribe said...

Well.. to answer your question, read the comments left by some of the nutjobs there.

Also, while Kay does get credit for this column, it must be stated he obviously only reads right-wing and Blogging Tory blogs, because if all he read were blogs demanding that Khadr be waterboarded til he stopped crying, he obviously isnt reading any of the progressive blogs take on this, because to a blog they were all outraged and ashamed of this.

I'd write him and say so, i I thought it wouldn't be a waste of time. Maybe you can go and leave him a comment or an email LKO, if you think it worthwhile ;)

Lord Kitchener's Own said...


Well, I don't think Kay meant to tar the whole blogosphere with one brush, so I'll give him a pass there - he was just pointing out that there's a lot of nutjobs out there (as evidence by the replies as you point out!). He brings it up specifically to take issue with them, so I don't think it's necessary to say "hey, people out there agree with you too!" Kay knows we're out here (he states early on "I submit that the bleeding hearts are right on this one" so presumably he's read what we've written!

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