Monday, December 05, 2005

Tories unite Canadians!!!

Wow, is it possible the Tories could win more seats than anyone else and STILL not be able to form a government that can govern?

Everyone assumes that whatever happens in this election there will be another minority Parliament (unless the Liberals can somehow squeak in a majority, but no one really expects that!). So, let's take a look at the Tories' announced policies so far, and what the other parties in Parliament think of them:

1) Re-open the same-sex marriage issue.
Liberals: Bad idea.
BQ: Bad idea.
NDP: Terrible idea.

2) Cut 2% from the GST
Liberals: Stupid idea.
BQ: Stupid idea.
NDP: What an idiotic idea.

3) Increase criminal penalties for drug offenses.
Liberals: Stupid, bad idea.
BQ: Stupid regressive idea.
NDP: Stupid bad regressive idea.

4) $5 a day for all parents (regardless of need) for child care.
Liberals: Stupid idea, and we already have a plan in place with 10 provinces that is better.
BQ: Stupid idea, and we expect that even a Tory government will live up to agreements that have already been made with the provinces.
NDP: Wow, what a completely idiotic plan!

The Tories clearly have a plan.

Any idea how they're going to implement it in a minority situation with no support from ANY of the other parties in the House.

Perhaps the Tories new slogan will be "Give us a majority! Otherwise none of our crazy plans will get done!"

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Anonymous said...

Leave those kids alone!

Chuckercanuck said...

Who's dumb enough to run a campaign based on winning a minority and working in a minority environment????

oh yeah, as Mr. Duceppe pointed out - Paul Martin and Buzz Hargrove.

You don't start race planing on a tie.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

No that's true chucker. But I didn't mean to say the Tory's STRATEGY was wrong, I meant to suggest that their POLICIES are wrong, and won't get implemented if they need support from ANY of the other parties in Parliament.

The Tories are to be admired (I guess :-)) for sticking to their principles, and going against the grain of most of the electorate. I just don't want conservatives to be disappointed if a minority Tory government lasts five minutes because they can't get anyone else in the House to agree with their programs. And I want you to be prepared for the possiblity of a Tory plurality being thwarted by Liberal/NDP cooperation that can form a parliamentary majority, even in the face of the Tories being in first place (I'm not suggesting that will happen, but people are still talking about a Liberal MAJORITY, so hey, apparently anything can happen!).