Monday, December 12, 2005

Why would you spend your $5 a day on beer and popcorn when you could buy....

... Oh, wait, I can't actually think of anything useful you could get for $5 a day.

In fact, does Scott Reid have any idea how expensive beer and popcorn are? I mean, if you're in a two-parent home, I figure $5 a day buys you each one beer and one bag of popcorn!

You know the one thing that $5 a day definitely won't help you get though?


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Ed Hollett said...

That's five bucks before taxes.

After taxes it works out to about $2.50

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

I should point out to all of those who have argued (correctly) that there's NO WAY $5 would buy you two beers and two bags of popcorn a day, that I was suggesting that parents save up this pittence from the Tories to buy their drinks and snacks in bulk.

If you can find a good sale on cheap beer, and buy it in packs of 24, and purchase only no-name popcorn (butterless, of course) you ought to be able to stretch this $25 a week into your two beers and two bags of popcorn a day.

It really makes me wonder though how far you'd have to stretch that money to help pay for DAYCARE. Because I'm pretty sure high quality childcare is more expensive than popcorn and beer. And I think it's clear that $5 a day doesn't go far as beer money. I'm pretty sure the longer we talk about popcorn and beer, the more likely it is that Canadians will figure out how little money we're talking about here.

Maybe if we pooled everyone's $5 together, we could accomplish something positive in terms of increased access to quality childcare. Or is that too radical a suggestion?