Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Will Harper "throw a punch" at the Americans???

Stephen Harper seems to be suggestiung lately that, if anything, the problem with Prime Minister Martin's recent comments on softwood lumber and global warming isn't that they're hyperbolic anti-American rhetoric, but that they're EMPTY hyperbolic anti-American rhetoric.

From CNN:

Harper equated Martin's dealings with the United States on softwood to a kid who calls names but is afraid to fight. "He hasn't thrown a punch. He couldn't throw a punch to save his life," he said.

So, now I'm really curious. Will Harper "throw a punch"? What will that "punch" be? Will the Americans even feel it? Worse, if they do, will they punch back? And finally, can conservatives still attack Martin as dangerously anti-American now that Harper has basically said that the problem isn't Martin's words, but the fact that he won't back them up with action?

Curiouser and curiouser.

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Ted L. Nancy said...

I just blogged about this article. My problem with it was that CNN couldn't bring themselves to note that the U.S. has lost every decision on Softwood. Wonkette even posted about it too, and she played it up like we were just being uppity Canadians.

I have to wonder, do they even know that they've lost every decision? Do they know their government is violating NAFTA agreements?

Mike said...

Yes, odd, and when Jack Layton can be seen lacing up the gloves - by threatening export duties on oil to the US unless the come clean on softwood and pays us what they owe - and preparing not just to punch, but deliver a round-house to the torso, every one says he's over reacting.

Man, this is school yard stuff. Enough psoture, do something. Sucker punch them for god sake, if that's what it takes.