Thursday, March 27, 2008

It turns out John Tory is still alive...

Who knew?

I was sure he'd been killed and eaten by Flaherty.

Not only is he still alive, but it appears as though he still works for the provincial Tories (the article even refers to him as their leader... that can't be true though, can it???).

And not only that, it appears that he has figures at hand telling him that Ontario is in a recession. Figures the Chief Economist of TD Bank knows nothing about. Figures from... the future!!!

And not only that (yes, there's more) apparently his figures from the future show that Ontario's economy is NOT being dragged down by $100 oil, a Canadian dollar at partiy, and an American economy on the verge of it's worst economic downturn in decades (possibly since the Great Depression). No, no, no sillies, it's all Dalton McGuinty's fault. Him and his bloated civil service. Ignore the record oil prices. Ignore the parity of the dollar. Ignore the sub-prime mortgage debacle. What kind of idiot would think that these are the causes of our difficulties (I'm looking at you Don Drummond, you big nerd).

Ironically though, the revelation that John Tory has a time machine, and that he has proof that pretty much every economic expert in the country is wrong about what's behind Ontario's current economic woes are not the biggest shockers in this article.

I'm really surprised to find out that John Tory is still alive.

(H/T to POGGE).

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John W said...

Isn't it strange how John Tory can roll along losing an election, losing his own seat, adopting absurd policy, show appalling indecisiveness and letting a Federal usurper almost push him out of his opposition role, and seem oblivious to criticism, while poor Stephane Dion battles the most ruthless political regime in recent history, faces stabs in the back from the NDP which should be helping him focus on the Conservatives, wins some by-elections, and keeps the polls respectable, but still can't get a break from his party or the press.

They say opposition is a thankless task but this is ridiculous.

MAW said...

Of course Don Drummond won't admit the obvious, as his predictions hinge on when the Dalton McGuinty government decides to reveal the truth about Ontarios plight.

Targetting certain manufacturers, like the auto industries, over all the other businesses in Ontario seems quite unfair.

Better to give businesses a broad based hand-up instead of Dalton's targeted hand-out to certain manufacturers.

I guess Don Drummond forgot the fact that the Americans are our biggest trading partner so when their economy goes into recession Ontario's will be dragged down too.

At least John Tory isn't afraid to speak the hard truths Ontario's economy is facing unlike Dalton who continues his spending spree of appeasement despite the writing on the wall.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Yes, tax cuts for everyone, whether you need them or not. Not making any money, so a tax cut won't help you? You get a tax cut. In an industry that's actually thriving? You get a tax cut. Losing jobs because your industry is experiencing industry specific problems? Here. Want a tax cut.

I swear, some Tories seem to think tax cuts could cure cancer.

By all means, lets slash taxes. It's worked very well in George Bush's America.