Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ontario: The patsy of Confederation Volume 2...

I'm on a bit of a rant lately, but it's been really ticking me off how the feds are treating Ontario (and our duly elected leaders) these days.

These three articles are a must read for all the people of Ontario, who need to wake up to the fact that Ontario is going to be hit harder by the coming economic woes than any other province, and that the federal Tories (in the words of TD Bank Chief Economist Don Drummond) : "seem to be bent on making Ontario's situation worse at the moment".

Jim Flaherty would like you to forget the $5 billion deficit he and his provincial Tory cohorts left Ontarians with.

He'd like you to ignore the $20 billion a year that Ontario tax payers give to Ottawa each year so that it can be redistributed to the rest of the country and help fund subsidized electricity rates in Manitoba, and subsidized tuition rates in Quebec.

He'd like you to believe that the coming economic downturn in Ontario caused by Canadian dollar parity, $100 oil and the subprime mortgage debacle in the U.S. is actually all the fault of Premier McGunity.

He'd like you to forget that Ontario has reduced corporate taxes by $3 billion under Premier McGuinty by cutting business property taxes and moving to eliminate the capital tax (both of which are more harmful to business than the marginal business income tax rate).

He'd also like you to forget that the federal corporate tax rate is higher than Ontario's, and that if the Tories had eliminated the same amount off of pretty much ANY OTHER TAX that they took off the GST it would have been better for the economy. He'd like you to be very forgetful that Mr. Flaherty.

And it makes me SO MAD.

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Anonymous said...

Check out Paul Wells' latest post. He's PISSED!


Anonymous said...

Choice quote from above: "And understand this: if anyone ever manages to beat Stephen Harper fair and square in a general election, we will see a display of gracelessness in defeat without precedent in the history of Confederation. This is simply guaranteed. It is what he does."