Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Poke, poke, poke....

It's as though the federal Tories think the sleeping Ontario bear will never wake up:

Political analysts and historians were baffled at Flaherty's bold interference in provincial politics.

"I can't remember a previous precedent. It's so unusual I'm tempted to say it's unseemly," said historian Michael Bliss of the University of Toronto.

The only similar feud he could recall were frequent barbs exchanged between former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King and Ontario premier Mitch Hepburn in the 1930s.

Political scientist Nelson Wiseman, also of the University of Toronto, speculated that Flaherty's Conservative government must be hoping to escape blame for future economic woes.

"They see the darkening economic clouds on the horizon and they want to deflect attention from the federal government stewardship of the economy onto Ontario."
We all know what's REALLY GOING ON. Those of us who don't remember will soon be reminded of what happened the last time Ontario became a "have not province" and became eligible to RECEIVE federal equalization payments (during the energy crisis of the 70s). Don't remember? The Feds CHANGED THE RULES RETROACTIVELY to prevent the province from ever receiving payments. That's right. Ontario isn't the only province to have never received equalization because we were never entitled to equalization. We're the only province that's never received payments because when we became eligible for payments, the feds changed the rules to cut us off. You see, Ontario funding everyone else's spending is fair, but everyone else helping Ontario in their time of need? We can't have that.

And what do the federal Tories TODAY plan to do to help Ontario during this global economic downturn that effects Ontario disproportionately? Well, according to TD Bank's Chief Economist "they seem to be bent on making Ontario's situation worse at the moment."


You know, when Quebec and Alberta feel hard done by the feds, they threaten to secede. Ontarians have always considered themselves Canadians first and Ontarians second, but how long are we expected to stomach a federal government that is more than happy to take our money and redistribute it to the rest of the country (to the tune of $20 billion a year) but feels that we should also be attacked and undermined for the privilege? Sooner or later, Ontarians are going to realize what their government could do with an extra $20 billion a year in their coffers. Maybe we could afford subsidized electricity rates like Manitoba. Or ultra low tuition for Ontario students like Quebec has (you're both welcome by the way). Whatever happens, I know one thing.

The federal Tories would be well advised to STOP POKING THE BEAR.

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Catelli said...

It doesn't stop!


I can't describe the rage I feel now. That is the last straw.