Monday, May 12, 2008

Clinton simply can't win. Period.

I think Hillary Clinton's really got to start thinking seriously about how she wants this all to end, because she can't win the Democratic nomination for President. Not convinced? Look at the graphic below from CNN's handy dandy delegate counter. In the hypothetical scenario below, I've given Clinton 70-30 wins in West Virginia and Kentucky, and 60-40 wins in Oregon, Montana, South Dakota and Puerto Rico. A clean sweep with huge to sizable wins for Clinton. I've also given her the lead in super delegates 60-40 (even though Obama has recently pulled ahead in super delegate support). The results of this fantastic hypothetical for Clinton? She loses the race to Obama 2046 to 1983.

A 63 delegate loss from arguably the best, most spectacular scenario one could possibly fathom for Hillary Clinton. Anyone want to argue she can still win?

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Anonymous said...

I recommend McCain get a woman for a running mate to show the nation that his party is not afraid of a woman on the top ticket. So Hillary losses regardless, so much for the Democratic process.

Anonymous said...

Not True. You are forgetting that when the Dem convention happens,all states are asked to vote. If you look back in history, which I know many people simply look at current graphs instead of American political history,, you would understand that the nominee happens the night of the convention. Just like super delegates have switched, they can switch again. It ain't over time it's over. Too many are looking at the graphs, and they should be watching the Republicans salivating at an inexperienced OBAMA.