Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton wins West Virginia, and it couldn't matter less...

So, Hillary had a "big win" last night in West Virginia. She beat Obama, as expected, 67% to 26%.

Let's take a stroll through the other big wins this primary season shall we.

Races Obama won by 60% or more:
the District of Columbia

Races Clinton won by 60% or more:
West Virginia

Total net delegates gained by Clinton in her huge win in WV last night: 10
Delegate lead for Barak Obama this morning (CNN): 165

So, I guess all Hillary needs now is 17 more West Virginias, or for more than 77% of the 214 remaining super delegates to move to her camp (or some combination thereof).

In other words...

Nothing to see here.

Move along.

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Anonymous said...

What about Kansas. He kicked her $%^& there.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Very True anon, I was just looking at the primaries, not the caucuses.

Add in the caucuses and you also get Barak over 60% in Kansas, Washington, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota and Colorado.

No need to pile on though, is there?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that at least one person in this world doesn't answer to a producer who wants to make Hillary's "thrilling comeback" a national headline when it isn't. All West Virginia proved is that we are accurately predicting her path to ultimately comming up short. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's blogs like this that make it near impossible for Clinon Supporters to vote for Obama without holding their nose. It's not Obama that makes us sick, its his supporters! Not a lick of respect and totally self-indulged!

Anonymous said...

I find it appalling that HRC supporters refuse to educate themselves on their candidate. You are letting the media dictate your opinion on Obama and Hillary and McCain. I am not going to Bash any candidate because none of them are perfect. However, stop playing to the media, For years the education system has told lies to us and we new that there had to be more than the history that was being taught, so we went out and search for ourselves to find the truth. Do the same thing before you vote read, research and educate yourself and I believe a lot of you will stop this garbage.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

I'm not sure why my blog would make Hillary supporters sick anon, but OK. It's hardly disrespectful to state the FACTS is it? In fact, as the first anon points out, I even spun the facts in Hillary's favour. I had her winning 2 contests by more than 60% to Obama's 6, when it SHOULD be her 2 60+ wins to Obama's 12. I ignored all of the caucuses Clinton got slaughtered in and I'm not being respectful enough of her???

Now, I suppose I got a bit chippy by bolding her "huge" win, but c'mon. WV is playing all over the media like the beginning of some kind of comeback. Like being behind by 165 delegates is some huge surge ahead from being behind by 175 delegates. That she was toast yesterday because she needed 81% of the super delegates, but now she's gonna win because she only needs 77% of the supers.


If a win like the win Clinton had last night was so earth changing, wouldn't the race have ended long ago? Like after any one of the 12 contests Obama won by more than 60%?

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