Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nail, meet coffin.

John Edwards to endorse Obama.

You fought a good campaign Senator Clinton, and I for one think you're going to be Senate majority leader in t
he very near future. Best of luck in all your future endeavours.


The story I'm linking to hasn't been updated yet, but it's official. I've got John Edwards playing at the Obama rally from CNN's live online feed right now in the background. "The reason I am here tonight is that the Democratic voters in America have made their choice, and so have I... There is one man who knows in his heart that it's time to create one America, and not two, and that man is Barack Obama" (crowd goes nuts...)

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Anonymous said...

So Obama thinks that by parading yet another loser in the Democratic Nomination bid it will sway voters?
Not likely. What of the female voters who will now perceive that Hillary is being backstabbed left and right
by the loser contenders who are all being bribed and promised choice positions in the Obama regime.

Its just not going to fly.

Anonymous said...

Yea I totally agree. It's the good ol' boys again, with no PLANS to back up what they say they support. Senator Clinton has the plans and the know-how. When she wins the endorsement, she should have Ferraro as VP. Edwards is a dope.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. She is to be admired. Not one of them has half the energy and ideas this woman represents. If the rest of them spent half the time on actual solutions to problems as they do spouting platitudes and trying to make sure she can't have one moment without a dart in her back we might actually get something done in this country.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo hoo. People will always pull some type of card... Race, Gender, Ignorance... oops my bad.

Will Rhodes said...

Stupendous! I watched it live and almost wet myself just thinking about her face as that was shown rather than any of her 'taped' interviews!

Panhandle said...

Look Mommie The nice Senator thinks Curios George is the best choice. Doesn't he know that he won't be President

ParisL0ve2 said...

Surprise, surprise, surprise!! Not!! Didn't Edwards just appear in People Magazine where he stated that he and his wife were NOT endorsing either candidate? Yeah he did!! Why am I not surprised that he's just another lying politician?

John Edwards says that the voters have made their choice. Yeah, they have. And if I recall correctly, the voters in Michigan and Florida also made their choice. But their votes don't count.

I wonder what Obama promised him!! Actually, I don't really care!! They're both a joke, and so is this party.

I will not be voting in this election, regardless of who the candidate is. The party will not guilt me into voting by using the scare tactic that if I don't vote John McCain will win. The Obama supporters will not guilt me into voting by proclaiming that if I don't vote for Obama I must be a racist.

Obama is like all the rest. He will say everything to get elected, and do nothing.

Anonymous said... the Obama supporters are having a good time out of this one. I have consistently voted Democrat since I was old enough to vote. That was 14 years ago. I haven't missed an election. But you know I might just have to take my toys and move to the experienced sandcastle builders box. If Hillary isn't on the Democrat ticket...then GOP will take OBAMA's toys away and he will go crying all the way home its Hillarys fault...whatever you just dont have the experience to lead Obama. So go ahead you all that want him as Prez. I guess its 4 more years of a republican...well I guess I will vote for Hillary again in 2012.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... After you all get finished sucking Hillary's butt, come back down to earth again for some reality.

Hillary has a lot of talk but never produced much. She has done a few things but no where near what she claims.

She tried to start a healthcare plan but it went south because she was too stubborn and secretive and wouldn't let congress in on the details.

She promised a whole lot of jobs to upstate New York. They don't have the jobs yet.

She says what people want to hear but then turns around and serves the super rich. This is what she'll do if she gets in the white house.

Stop being stupid.

Anonymous said...

Mr Obama is part of the 'establishment'? Ha! In the next few months, you will learn how much racism affects America. And how outside the 'system' Obama truly is.

At any rate, Edwards was bound to support Obama. Not because they're both males, but because both Edwards and Obama have similar perspectives and ironclad principles, whereas Clinton has shown hers are quite malleable toward what audience she percieves as listening.

And also, Edwards promised not to affect the race. He probably did the math and concluded that Clinton would need to pull off an unprecedented upset over Obama over the last stretch of the race (about 71% through to the end), which frankly ain't gonna happen.

The healthcare plan she pushed forward years ago with Gore? She afforded the corporations too much confidence, and they scuttled it.

ParisL0ve2 said...

Oh please!! Cut the America is racist and will never vote for a black man crap already!!

Obama's not establishment? Obama has no ties to corporations and lobbyists? Give me a break!! Where do you think he's getting all his money from? Certainly not the average person in America who can barely afford to fill their gas tank let alone fork over money to a political campaign. He is bought and paid for just like the rest of them.

Go do your research!! Maybe then you'll realize that Obama isn't this great Savior that he is being touted to be!!

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Did some big wig somewhere link to my blog or something? What's with all the comments? (This is a fair number of comments for me on an American topic by people I've mostly never heard of). Is it just troll season or something?

Anyway, for now I'll just refrain from censoring as it's all mildly amusing to me. I'll even leave panhandle's racist little contribution, as that kind of ignorance truly needs to be exposed to the harsh light of day.

But if all those anonymous comments are from more than one person, I'll eat my hat.

Anonymous said...

Trust me. My skin colour is not white, and though I don't live in the United States, I live in Canada, which is US-lite.

There is a hella lotta racism. Maybe you choose not to see it. Go to Orcinus and read some of the articles that guy's written. Race is going to play a huge role in this coming election. Obama's recieved death threats for being a black man seeking the presidency. In the previous generation, great civil rights leaders were assinated: X, King, RFK, Hampton. Take off your blinders, and see it. Don't ignore it.

Pray for Obama's safety.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Well, would you look at that! is providing a link to my little old blog. That is simultaneously amusing, strange, and mildly worrying. I know many people would be thrilled with increased traffic (especially those making money off ads on their blogs) but I wonder if CNN has ever considered that a casual little blogger might not love the idea of being linked to from a huge international news network.

Of course, it's CNN's prerogative to link to anyone they please, no question, but still. Do the majority of bloggers realize that the new "From the Blogs" feature of CNN means that by simply linking to a CNN story suddenly a link to their blog will appear on the CNN site? It certainly took me by surprise.

Again, not that it's not their prerogative, but isn't there a tangible difference between me linking to CNN and CNN linking right back to me? Is there not an inherent power imbalance that's a bit off-putting? Of course, by posting on the internet I'm throwing my thoughts out to the world, technically, but posting on my blog is a bit different from posting on CNN's site isn't it? And does anyone else find it to be a bit strange that CNN has taken me from Point A to Point B without me even being cognizant about it until a bunch of Americans started commenting about a post they'd otherwise never have seen. (at least, I presume most of you are Americans. Otherwise, parisl0ve2, you spelled Saviour wrong).

Not that I particularly object to being linked too, but I can't say it was a pleasant surprise either.

Frankly, it's a bit creepy.

TheDude said...

dude, don't sweat it -- you were only linked to from CNN, because your little Blogspot Blog has the juice CNN craves --- Anti-Hillary-Juice

That's all :)

BTW, if you DON'T want CNN linking to you anymore, make sure you use titles on your posts like "Clinton Rocks!", "Go Hillary!" etc. and you'll see CNN move onto the next "Nail In Coffin" Blogger.

Georgy said...

Yes, we are Americans. The only way we can get our voices heard is by getting on the blogs. At least we can voice our opinions, because the establishment has already decided the nominee. The election is rigged against Hillary as if you haven't noticed. We Americans thought we had a Democracy, but are sadly waking up to the reality that only party insiders along with the mainstream media decide our elections. What a sad and sobering reality.