Thursday, February 23, 2006

Congrats to Canada's women Figure Skaters!!!

Ok, so I'm not the biggest figureskating fan, but credit where credit is due, our ladies did an EXCELLENT job this evening!!!!

Joannie Rochette finished an extremely impressive 5th (she came in with hopes of top ten) and here's what Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch live blogged right after her performance:

The 20-year-old from Ile Dupas, Canada, entered the free in ninth place and was mesmerizing at the start. She skied high on a triple loop and acted as if she owned the ice. Her spins were lovely and crisp. She jumped with purpose. Her smile at the end said it all: fantastic stuff.

I think a lot of people sat up and took notice of Rochette tonight. And that's right, she's only 20, so she'll be 24 in 2010. Look out for her in Vancouver.

Vancouver's Mira Leung was equally impressive, skating very well and finishing 12th. Leung is 16 (16!!!) with much less experience than most of the athletes in Turin, and this wonderful performance and experience no doubt bodes well for her aspirations for Vancouver as well!!!

Congratulations ladies... we're all very proud!

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