Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Todd Bertuzzi, Kris Draper, Shane Doan...

Eric Staal, Jason Spezza, Sidney Crosby.

I'm just sayin'.

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NDG said...

It's a very sad day for Canadian Hockey :-(

Koby said...

Canada was outplayed, outcoached and outmanged. 13 out of this year's top 30 point getters are Canadian. 5 were on the team. 2 of the top 6 Canadian getters were on the team.

You can add Foote to the former list and Tanguay, Marleau and Phaneuf to the later. said...

Add Bouwmeester to the list of shame too.

Get rid of the guys who play well on smaller ice surfaces. (Doan, Bertuzzi, Bouwmeester, and Draper)

Add Boyle, Staal, Tanguagy, and Gelinas as the utility forward.

Crosby should have been on the taxi squad so he can lead us in 2010.

Anonymous said...

People are talking like this was ours to lose, like we have some sort of cosmic connection with Olympic hockey. Did everyone forget that when we won in 2002, it was the first time Canada had won Olympic gold in men's hockey in FIFTY years?!?! I'm just as dissappointed as everyone else, but let's keep things in perspective.