Friday, February 10, 2006

Fortier thinks Emerson should step down for by-election...

So, unelected Cabinet Minister Michael Fortier (who says he will not resign his seat should an opportunity to run in a by-election come up, but will wait until the next full federal election) thinks elected floor-crossers like David Emerson should step down and contest their seats in by-elections. Link (subscriber for full story, abstract has the gist)

I think Emerson should step down and run in a by-election too. However, hearing a cabinet minister who never even ran for election in the first place recommend that someone else should step down and run in a by-election themselves (something Forteir has explicitly stated HE will not do) is just too priceless not to comment on.

Who knew that the Tories could do arrogance, political expediency and hauty disdian for the electorate as well as the Liberals? It's pretty impressive isn't it?

It must make a lot of voters who thought they were "Standing up for Canada" want to sit back down.

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