Friday, September 28, 2007

On following the Liberals' lead... again...

Scott Feschuk has a great take on yesterday's federal surplus announcement that I hope he will forgive me reproducing in full here:

In announcing today that the federal surplus has unexpectedly soared to $14-billion, way above government estimates, Stephen Harper issued the following statement:

“I would like to apologize, sincerely and without reservation, to members of the previous Liberal government for my reflexive, unrelenting criticism of their fiscal management acumen. As I’m sure you recall, I routinely mocked the Liberals as incompetent buffoons for failing to accurately forecast the size of the surplus. But, whoa, turns out it’s not so easy! I mean, take a look at the size of this thing – it’s huuuuge!"

“Seriously though," the Prime Minister continued, “if only I were trained as an economist, I probably would have known that predicting revenues in a modern economy is, at the best of times, an inexact pursuit. What’s that you say? I am an economist? Really? Well then I guess I was just being a big fat jerk about it all. Sorry."

The Prime Minister’s statement was released early this afternoon in my imagination.

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