Friday, September 28, 2007

Wow! Just how much trouble are the Federal Liberals in???

When I read Chantal Hebert's column today (Confidence in Dion reaches crisis level) at first I thought perhaps she was overstating things a bit (though just a bit... when Chantal speaks, I listen). In part, she wrote about a feeling in Liberal ranks that now might be a time for an election (i.e. go now and get killed rather than wait a year and get SLAUGHTERED). Chantal writes:

Leaving aside the fact that a campaign is likely a prerequisite to any successful attempt to dump Dion as leader, most Quebec Liberals feel that an immediate fight against the Conservatives would ultimately wreak less damage on the party than six more months of corrosive internal unrest.

For the latter is what awaits the federal Liberals in the absence of a fall trip to the polls.

Between next month's Speech from the Throne and an election-setting Conservative budget in the spring, Dion can realistically expect no improvement in his prospects in Quebec.

On that score, suffice it to say that most Liberal incumbents figure that their chances of holding on to their seats are actually better now than they might be next year.

Because they have so little left to lose in the province, other Liberals may be tempted to whistle past their Quebec graveyard.

I say that at first I thought she might be overstating things a bit because then I read this from Paul Wells: "Chantal's right . She may actually be understating things".

That's Paul "Ain't Dion Dreamy" Wells people.

When Paul Wells says that not only is Chantal Hebert correct in her assessment of what a terrible hash Dion and his team have made of things, but that furthermore she may be underestimating how bad it really is, the party (if not "the Party") is over.

I was always a big fan of Dion, but I'm suddenly concerned that a quick election now may be the only way to PREVENT a Tory majority.

Someone asked after the Outrement loss if it was time to hit the panic button. I wasn't sure then, but now? Slam that button with a closed fist.

It's time to panic.

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Tim Webster said...

Something stinks in the ranks of the Quebec wing. And they want to destroy Dion and don't care about the Liberal Party.

Glad they work for us and not the Conservatives. If they did they might sabotage the Liberal Party.

Yup fire people who are discrediting the Liberal Party in the Media. Any corporation would fire the likes of Robert Fragasso. But Caroll publishing a book about the rivalry with Dion during Dion's leadership. This has made me question his abilities as an advisory.

If you are a Liberal contact your local MP and ask.

1) The Liberal Party to immediately remove people who have publicly discredited Dion's leadership. The Liberal Party chose a Leader and stick with him.

2) The Conservatives are NOT doing enough to fight corruption in Afghanistan and bring good governance. Military action alone will only turn Afghanistan into a terrorist pressure cooker.

3) Harper is unwilling to support efficient energy consumption. Energy inefficiency reduces competitiveness in many indirect ways such as limiting schools within travelling distance and reducing labour mobility. A more competitive education system and greater labour mobility depend on greater transportation efficiency.

4) Caring for our children is the most important thing we can do as a society. The Conservatives have reduced early education opportunities for our children.

5) By the Liberal Party supporting the continuation of Harper, they support Harper and everything he has done. As Canadians we do not support him. By supporting him be prepared to lose our support.