Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vote for MMP!!! The "Famous Endorsers" Edition....

So Vote for MMP has a list of prominent Canadians who endorse MMP in the upcoming October 10th Referendum! Check it out.

Names that might hold some particular sway with me (were I not already on board!):

Rick Anderson, Director, Fireweed Democracy Project, former advisor to Preston Manning

Ed Broadbent, former MP & leader of New Democratic Party

Elinor Caplan, Former Liberal federal and provincial cabinet minister

Stompin' Tom Connors, recording artist and entertainer ('cause I mean c'mon, it's STOMPIN' TOM!!!)

Andrew Coyne, journalist

Janet Ecker, Former Ontario cabinet minister

Stephen Lewis, Former Ambassador to United Nations

Clayton Ruby, barrister and solicitor

Senator Hugh Segal, Senator

David Suzuki, environmentalist

Mr. Walter Robinson, Former Federal Director, Canadian Taxpayers Federation

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Canadian Infidel said...

This is a nice list of Left-wing, Liberal and socialist Idiots who are contributing to the decline of Canada. What a fantastic list of traitors.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...


To hear someone call Hugh Segal, Janet Ecker, Andrew Coyne and Rick Anderson either "left-wing", "Liberal" or "socialist" is to hear the ramblings of someone who has lost touch with reality.

Quick, someone call Preston manning and let him know he was listening to a socialist for all those years!!!