Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vote for MMP!! The Facebook Edition!

So, of course, everyone supporting MMP should join the Facebook Vote for MMP Group!

However, may I also suggest considering changing your Facebook profile picture (either now, or closer to Referendum day (less than 20 days away!!!)) to one of the images available at the Vote for MPP website.

Not only will everyone visiting your profile see the Vote for MMP logo, but if you use one of those images as your profile pic, it will appear as your profile pic EVERYWHERE in Facebook where your profile pic appears (where you're listed in your friends' lists of friends... next to every posting you've written on anyone's wall... where you appear as a member of a group... EVERYWHERE!).

It's a great and easy way to spread the Vote for MMP message to a great number of people, including people you've never even met!

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